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Nokomis Florida   Dog Boarding

Dog boarding in Nokomis Florida can be one of the most stressful things for a dog lover. Placing your beloved pet into a dog boarding situation can cause much stress. It may be necessary to leave your best friend as you travel for work or personal reasons. It is important to find a facility that provides quality dog boarding.


Pet Boarding options


Finding the perfect place for Nokomis Florida dog boarding is possible. It is important that your expectations match the dog boarding facilities abilities. 


Everyone wants to find a Nokomis, Florida place that treats their best friend with care. To ensure this, one must do a little dog boarding research. Most kennels that provide dog boarding will provide you with references. References allow you to talk to other people about their dog boarding experiences. It helps if you have an understanding of what to expect with Nokomis Florida dog boarding. You will be dissatisfied if your idea of dog boarding is that your pet is snuggled up next to someone on a couch watching television, and in reality they are in a crate in a barn.



Many people forgo the facility type dog boarding experience and hire a person to dog sit in their home. This keeps their pet in familiar surroundings, and eliminates the dog boarding kennel atmosphere. When someone decides that dog boarding is necessary, it is important that their dog is in good health. Your dog will need to be current with all of their immunizations. Be certain that the Nokomis FL dog boarding kennel is asking you for current immunization proof. You need to be certain that the requirements for dog boarding at the kennel you choose ensure the safety of your pet.



When your dog is exposed to a Nokomis, Florida kennel of many dogs in a dog boarding setting, you will want to be certain they won't be exposed to sickness. This is even more important if you are dog boarding an older dog or a young puppy. The older dog and the young puppy are more vulnerable to illness and disease. To feel comfortable leaving your dog in a kennel, it is wise to visit the kennel and take a tour. This allows you the opportunity to see what conditions the dogs are being held. Ask the Nokomis FL staff about the frequency of their interactions with the dogs.




Some important points to focus on:


  • Ask the staff how often the dogs are provided exercise.
  • Look at the general conditions of the Nokomis Florida kennels.
  • Observe how the staff interact with the dogs.
  • Look at how clean the kennels and the grounds are.


It is recommended that you provide an adequate supply of food for your dog's stay at the facility. This eliminates the stress of a diet change for your dog. You may want to provide your dog a favorite toy and blanket. A rawhide chew is recommended over a plastic chew toy. Your dog may chew nervously in a new setting and could ingest bits of plastic. Rawhide toys are best. (Check with your Nokomis, Florida vet before giving your dog ingestible treats).  It is possible for your dog to experience a wonderful stay away from home while dog boarding. You just have to do your homework to find the perfect place for your best friend's Nokomis, FL vacation.

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